Warburg Pincus Acquires Z-Safety Systems

Warburg Pincus Acquires Z-Safety Systems

z safety nf1Total Safety, a provider of safety and compliance services and a portfolio company of Warburg Pincus, has acquired Z-Safety Systems (DBA Z-Monitoring) from Z-Group.  Warburg Pincus acquired Total Safety in 2011.

Z-Monitoring is the designer and engineer of the Z-Monitoring Centralized Confined Space Monitoring System – a safety system that monitors and communicates with confined space personnel. The Z-Monitoring system operates in real-time and continuously identifies workers within a confined space, maintains visual contact and a clear line of communication, monitors the atmosphere for toxic or dangerous gases, and sounds appropriate alarms if an incident occurs.

This is Total Safety’s second acquisition of a business from Z-Group. The first acquisition was of Z-Safety Services in 2011.  The remaining product lines of the Z-Group: Z-Staffing, Z-Matic, and Z-Tracker operations, are unaffected by this transaction.

Total Safety is a provider of safety and compliance services and the products necessary to support them, including gas detection, respiratory protection, safety training, fire protection, compliance and inspection, comprehensive flare services, industrial hygiene, onsite emergency medical treatment/paramedics, communications systems, engineered systems design, and materials management. The company operates from 148 locations in 20 countries and is headquartered in Houston (www.totalsafety.com).

“The Z-Monitoring system, field-tested more than 100 times during major facility maintenance turnarounds in Europe and the United States, has been an excellent addition to our integrated safety solutions portfolio,” said Total Safety Chief Executive Officer Troy Thacker. “We are pleased to incorporate the system and patent portfolio into our worldwide operations and, with their outstanding engineers on the Total Safety team, plan to continue our investment in innovative and comprehensive solutions that enhance safety for our customers’ workforces around the world.”

Warburg Pincus has more than $35 billion in assets under management and has raised 13 private equity funds which have invested more than $48 billion in approximately 700 companies in 35 countries. The firm was founded in 1966 and is headquartered in New York with offices in Amsterdam, Beijing, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Luxembourg, Port Louis, Mumbai, San Francisco, Sao Paulo and Shanghai (www.warburgpincus.com).

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