DealCloud Selected by Brinkmere to Handle CRM

DealCloud Selected by Brinkmere to Handle CRM

Brinkmere Capital has selected DealCloud as its CRM platform to track key relationships, transaction flow and business development activities of the firm.

Brinkmere, which provides investment capital to small businesses to support long-term growth and operational initiatives, will leverage DealCloud’s ability to sort data and connect contacts through multiple relationships and activities to source new investment opportunities.

“The DealCloud platform has made all of Brinkmere’s daily initiatives easier to track and reference,” said Brinkmere Founder and Managing Director Russell Beard. “It allows me to capture the value of business development activities and maximize operational efficiency in real time from any device.”

DealCloud also allows Brinkmere to manage potential sources of partner capital and report on portfolio activity. Selecting a partnership with DealCloud was a key decision for Mr. Beard in building Brinkmere, as he recognized implementation of a powerful CRM to be essential to business processes. “I see DealCloud CRM as a crucial component to success for the firm in the long term,” he said.

A key differentiator for Brinkmere was the fact that the PE DealCloud solution was built from the ground up for the principal investing industry and can easily be customized to each firm’s unique processes. The DealCloud and Brinkmere teams have worked hand in hand to put in place configurations that are tailored to the firm’s operations.

“Every client is different,” said Ben Harrison, president of DealCloud. “Adapting DealCloud to those differences is a constant reminder to our team of the need for a highly flexible yet industry-specific solution. A CRM system that helps sell widgets needs to be structured very differently from a CRM platform that supports the entire private equity investment cycle.”

Brinkmere is a Southeastern-based private investment firm specializing in acquiring and developing small businesses. The firm is based in Jacksonville, FL (

Private equity groups, venture capital firms, corporate M&A departments, and family offices use DealCloud CRM systems to support daily operations in real time. DealCloud’s full suite of product offerings includes the DealCloud CRM, DealCloud DataRoom powered by SmartRoom, and the interactive networking and deal execution platform. The company is based in Charlotte, NC (

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