Bowside Has Final Close on Fund 2

Bowside Has Final Close on Fund 2

Bowside Capital has held a final closing for Bowside Capital Fund II, L.P., a fund specializing in the US private equity, small capitalization market. Bowside Capital has already completed a number of investments from Bowside II and is actively seeking new secondary and co-investment opportunities.

“When we launched our prior fund in 2009, much of the fundraising process involved educating investors on the merits of a strategy dedicated to this segment of private equity and the strengths of a hybrid vehicle rather than a fund dedicated to a single investment type. With Bowside II nearly three times the size of its predecessor, it is clear that investors now understand our value proposition and the investment opportunity,” said Managing Partner Christian Albert. “Additionally, it was encouraging to see that despite the challenging fundraising environment limited partners representing over 88% of the outside capital of the first fund subscribed to Bowside II.”

Bowside Capital invests in US private equity funds with less than $100 million in committed capital, makes secondary purchases of limited partner interests in funds that meet its target criteria, and co-invests with these small funds in direct transactions. The investors in the Bowside Capital funds include family offices, senior executives of private equity and financial firms, and high-net-worth individuals. The firm is based in New York, NY (

“We have established ourselves over the past few years as the specialist in sub-$100 million buyout funds in the US, with an intimate knowledge of their strengths and challenges. General partners of these small funds view us as a strategic reference due to the value add that we bring beyond capital, such as market insights, industry contacts, and portfolio oversight. Furthermore, we are often general partners’ preferred secondary buyer as a result of our potential to invest in their subsequent funds,” said Mr. Albert.

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