Private Equity Invests $144 Billion in 1,702 U.S. Companies in 2011

Private Equity Invests $144 Billion in 1,702 U.S. Companies in 2011

The second annual study examining private equity investment by country, state, and congressional district shows that nearly 500 more companies benefited from private equity investment in 2011 compared to 2010.

“This report shows that despite the challenging economic environment private equity continues to be a critical source of capital for U.S. companies looking to grow or retool,” said Steve Judge, President of the PEGCC. “Over the next several months, we expect the general election to amplify the conversation about private equity, but one thing is clear, private equity drives economic activity and growth across the U.S. economy. These numbers are an unambiguous reminder that, at its core, private equity is about investing in and strengthening American companies.”

Private equity firms invested more than $144 billion in 1,702 U.S.-based companies in 2011, according to the data from the Private Equity Growth Capital Council. The top five states in terms of investment were Texas, New York, California, North Carolina and Oklahoma. Additional states that made the top 20 include Florida, Colorado, Ohio, Virginia, and Nevada. More than $20 billion was invested in 206 companies in Texas, the most of any state during 2011. Oregon rounds out the top 20 with 16 companies receiving more than $1 billion. Overall, 20 states received more than $134 billion in private equity capital during 2011.

This is the PEGCC’s second annual report examining the geographic dispersion of private equity investment, providing new information about the number of companies infused with capital from private equity investors, the number of active private equity firms and the total deal value by region, country, state and congressional district. For more information on the geographic dispersion of private equity investments in 2011 go to

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