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Monomoy Speeds to Fund V Close

After just five months of fundraising, Monomoy Capital Partners has held an oversubscribed and above target closing of its fifth fund with $2.25 billion of capital. Fund V reached its

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Sound Growth Closes Fund I

Sound Growth Partners (SGP) has held an oversubscribed and hard cap closing of its inaugural fund with $275 million in capital commitments, including anticipated leverage from the SBA. SGP was

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Madison River Acquires JDC Power

Madison River Capital has acquired JDC Power Systems, an electrical systems integrator exclusively serving the data center market. JDC specializes in providing medium and low voltage electrical distribution equipment and custom control systems, primarily to

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Platinum’s Cook & Boardman Acquires OKEE

The Cook & Boardman Group, a portfolio company of Platinum Equity, has acquired OKEE Industries. West Hartford, Connecticut-headquartered OKEE is a distributor of architectural hardware, hollow metal doors and frames, and wood doors

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O2 Sponsor Finance Backs Soundcore’s Paving Platform

O2 Sponsor Finance, a division of Old Second National Bank, provided the senior bank financing to back the acquisitions by Soundcore Capital Partners of ACI Asphalt & Concrete (ACI) and ACS Asphalt Concrete Solutions (ACS). Soundcore specializes in North America-based buy-and-build investments in the lower middle market. Target companies typically have revenues up to $150 million and are active in business and outsourced services, industrial services, specialty manufacturing, and value-added distribution sectors. New York City-headquartered Soundcore formed its ACI Holdings

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Abacus Backs Eureka’s Buy of Advertiser Perceptions

Eureka Equity Partners has acquired Advertiser Perceptions with senior debt and an equity co-investment from Abacus Finance. Abacus was the Senior Secured Credit Facilities Administrative Agent and Sole Lender. Advertiser Perceptions is a provider of research-based data, market intelligence, and analysis to the media, advertising, and ad tech industries. The company was founded in 2002 by Ken Pearl and Randy Cohen and is headquartered in New York City. “Abacus provided us with tremendous support early on in this transaction and

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Always Active Abacus Starts Fast

Abacus Finance is continuing its active support of private equity buyouts with the close of new transactions for Thompson Street Capital Partners, American Pacific Group, Pine Tree Equity, and WestView Capital. In December, Abacus provided $34.5 million of debt to support American Pacific’s acquisition of Media 1 Digital Imaging Solutions, a distributor and integrator of private label and third-party wide-format, digital textile printing products including consumable textiles and fabric, ink, paper, and solvent; equipment, accessories, and replacement parts. Media 1’s

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CW Industrial Seals the Deal with Mantaline Buy

CW Industrial Partners has acquired Mantaline Corporation, an Ohio-based extruder of plastic and rubber products. Mantaline designs, prototypes, validates, and manufactures extruded elastomeric products including seals, protectors and insulations that are used in

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Trinity Hunt Establishes Coker as New Platform

Trinity Hunt Partners has acquired Coker Group, a provider of healthcare advisory services. Coker provides performance transformation, transaction advisory, and compliance consulting services to hospitals, physician groups, private equity-backed platforms, and other healthcare

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One Sweet Deal! Shore’s Sweetmore Buys Sweet Eddie’s
One Sweet Deal! Shore’s Sweetmore Buys Sweet Eddie’s
Arsenal’s Sealing Platform Sold to Henkel
Arsenal’s Sealing Platform Sold to Henkel
CW Industrial Seals the Deal with Mantaline Buy
CW Industrial Seals the Deal with Mantaline Buy
Trinity Hunt Establishes Coker as New Platform
Trinity Hunt Establishes Coker as New Platform
Luxium’s Future is Crystal Clear
Luxium’s Future is Crystal Clear
Bansk Group Takes a Big Bite of No Man’s Land Foods
Bansk Group Takes a Big Bite of No Man’s Land Foods
Arlington Lays Down the Keel on Newest Platform
Arlington Lays Down the Keel on Newest Platform
New Heritage Sells Revela to ADM
New Heritage Sells Revela to ADM
Got Chapped Lips? Get ChapStick
Got Chapped Lips? Get ChapStick
Arsenal Invests in Polycorp
Arsenal Invests in Polycorp
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Patriot Pickle Acquires First Place Foods

Patriot Pickle, a maker and distributor of pickles and a portfolio company of Swander Pace Capital, has acquired First Place Foods. First Place Foods manufactures a wide variety of fermented (shelf stable) and refrigerated pickles, relishes, and other pickled vegetables that are sold to the restaurant, foodservice, institutional, and retail markets. Third-generation family-owned First Place Foods, led by President Pat Hunn, operates manufacturing and warehousing facilities near Dallas in Garland, Texas. “For more than 15 years, First Place Foods has

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SK’s Canlak Coatings Buys Ceramic Industrial Coatings

Canlak Coatings, a portfolio company of SK Capital Partners, has acquired Ceram-Traz (DBA Ceramic Industrial Coatings). Ceramic Industrial Coatings is a manufacturer of custom and proprietary water and solvent-based wood coatings as well as other coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers (CASE) products. Ceramic Industrial, led by CEO Rob Laubscher, was founded in 1962 and operates a 90,000-square-foot facility in Osseo, Minnesota (headquarters) and a 52,000-square-foot facility in Kansas City, Kansas. “We are tremendously excited about our future partnership with Canlak

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Align Launches Independent Sponsor Strategy

Align Capital Partners (ACP) has announced the launched of a new independent sponsor-focused private equity strategy, Align Collaborate. ACP founded Align Collaborate in partnership with independent sponsor investors, Grant Kornman and Michael Kornman. Prior to

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